Tourism in Kurukshetra

Tourism in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is a popular tourist spot though this popularity can be owed to the history of this ancient city. Unlike other regular tourist spots of India, people come to visit this place all round the year. There is no tourist season as such in Kurukshetra, though there are times of year when the tourist concentration rise to maximum due to some religious occasion. The tourist places in Kurukshetra comprise of not only the places in Kurukshetra city itself, but places which were there when this was a very large city and whose name was attached to the ancient Kurukshetra city and can be visited from Kurukshetra.

The tourist spots of Kurukshetra are mostly those places which have historical and / or religious significance. Though there are a few tourist spots like planetarium, science museum etc. which are very modern and attract a lot of tourists.

The tourist places of Kurukshetra have different origin and significance. Tourist interest also vary owing to the nature of tourist places. Keeping in view of the nature or background of the tourist places they can be distinctly segregated into different sub divisions.

Religious Tourist Spots in Kurukshetra


This ancient city, like no other in India, stems directly from the greatest Indian epic, the 'Mahabharata'. Thus whenever one mentions about Kurukshetra, the religious tourist spots take precedence above all other. Here are some important religious tourist spots.

  • Brahma Sarovar - It is a very old man made bathing tank and is one of the largest bathing tank in Asia. It has both historical and religious significance.
  • Bhishma Kund - The name of this tank is credited to the grand old man of Mahabharata, Lord Bhishma. The name of this tank is mentioned in Mahabharata.
  • Jyotisar - It is probably the most sacred place for the Hindu pilgrims. It is said that the revered book, the Bhagbadgita was preached by Lord Krishna to Arjuna at this place.
  • Sannhiti Sarovar - It is also a holy place. People come to perform religious rites after unnatural death ( 'pind daan') in this holy tank.
  • Phalgu Tirtha - It is located in the nearby forest region of 'Pharal'. The name of this place is mentioned in Mahabharata and 'Vamana Purana'.
  • Rantuka Yaksha - Located by the bank of the river Saraswati, this place is one of the four Yakshas of Kurukshetra and was regarded as the entry point. Prople who came to Kurukshetra, entered the holy city here after taking a deep in the river Saraswati.
  • Ararak Tirtha - It is located in the southern bank of Saraswati and has different god idols for different locations.
  • Pavanhrad Tirtha - The name goes after 'Pavana', the Wind God. This is probably the only place in India or elsewhere, where the whole place is dedicated in the name of wind God.
  • Laxmi Narayana Temple - There is a very old 18th. century temple dedicated in the name of God Lord Narayana and Goddess Laxmi. This temple also has unique architecture.
  • Bhadrakali Temple - Legends goes that the 'Pandavas' performed rituals at this sacred temple before there final battle with the 'Kauravas'.
  • Bhurishrava Tirtha, Bhor Sainda - Three famous religious temple namely Bhuteswar Temple, Mata Rajrajeshari Temple and Sankat Mauchan Hanuman Temple are located at this place.
  • Buddhist Monuments - The city of Kurukshetra also attained an important position during Buddha. Monuments and the likes can be seen in this region and has been mentioned with significance in buddhist scriptures.

Other important religious tourist spots - In addition to the above tourist  spots there are numerous other religious tourist spots which also attract a lot of tourists. Among these there are  some important ones like Shukra Teerth, Som Teerth, Saptsaraswat Teerth, Ojas Teerth, Narkatari Teerth, ManipTeerth, Kamayak Teerth, Kalayat, Bhor Saidan, Asthipua etc.

Historical and Archeological Tourist Spots in Kurukshetra

Historical spots in Kurukshetra

Besides being an important religious tourist destination, Kurukhsetra is also famous for its historical and archeological tourist spots in India.

  • Abhimanyu Tila - A little away from Kurukshetra city, this place houses a very old fort. This old fort is popularly believed to be of Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna. This is also known as Abhimanyu Tila.
  • Asthipura - This historical place has been excavated by the archeologists in search of its historical background. Popular belief says that there had been mass cremation of the dead soldiers of the 'Kurukshetra War' at this place.
  • Bhagwanpura - Potteries and remains of terra-cotta tiles and statues of the Post-Harappan era was found here. This place is an important site which bear the footsteps of ancient Indian civilisation.
  • Daulatpur - An important archeological site, this place also bears the sign of the last phase of Harappan Civilisation and the post era.
  • Harsh Ka Tila - A very important archeological site, this place, after archeological excavation, has shown important footprints of different era of Indian civilisation, starting from very early historical times to the era of late Moghuls.
  • Raja Karn Ka Tila - Excavation of this site revealed relics of the Harappan era, painted Grey Ware belonging to post Harrappan era, glazed pottery of early Muslim period etc. This is also an important archeological site.
  • Chini and Pathar Masjid - Two magnificient architecture of the Mughal era are there in Kurukshetra.

Museums in Kurukshetra

Museums in Kurukshetra

There are a few museums and science museums, planetariums etc.  in Kurukshetra.

  • Sri Krishna Museum - It is one of the finest museum in India dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna.
  • Kalpana Chawla Planetarium - The planetarium is named after the first Indian woman astronaut  Kalpana Chawla.
  • Panorama and Science Center - This attractive science museum is located at Thanesar. This museum explains different episodes of Mahabharata in scientific angle.

Parks and Sanctuaries in Kurukshetra

Parks in Kurukshetra

The tourists in Kurukshetra also visit the parks and sanctuaries in Kurukshetra. These are very attractive places which receive a lot of footfall all round the year.

  • Purushottam Park
  • Harsh - Vardhan park
  • Tapovan Park
  • Saraswati Reserve Forest - A big reserve forest in the district of  Kurukshetra has rich flora and fauna and visited by a lot of tourist.
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