Emergency Services in Kurukshetra

Annual footfall in Kurukshetra including tourists reach millions. The concentration reaches it peak during the tourist season, especially during auspicious days like 'Gita Jayanti' when multitudes of visitors flock religious tourist spots of Kurukshetra. Unless there is efficient emergency back up the whole system can fail within seconds of real crises.

The emergency services include Ambulance services, Police services, Fire brigade, Blood banks, Disaster Management, First Aid, Hospitals and trauma centres, Veterinary services, Chemists & Druggists, Eye Banks, Traffic control systems, different NGOs operating in this sector form the support and life-line of a city/town and also serve the local populace during emergencies.


Ambulance Services in Kurukshetra

Ambulance services are very efficient in Kurukshetra. All the government and private hospitals have their personal ambulance services. In addition there are many NGOs and private operators who provide such services. There is also an important addition recently happened to the ambulance services in Kurukshetra. The air ambulance services are operational in Kurukshetra. there are six air ambulances services presently serving Kurukshetra area. They are
  • Vishal Cardiac and Air ambulance Services
  • Aeromed international Rescue Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sky Cruizers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Service
  • Pachmukhi Air and Train Ambulance
  • Accretion Aviation

Blood Banks in Kurukshetra

Blood Banks are life lines during medical crisis. There are a few blood banks operational in Kurukshetra. The blood banks are listed below.

  • Swami Anant Parkash Nand Eys Hospital
  • LNJP Hospital
  • Sector-17 Blood Bank
  • Shop No. 48, Paras Colony Blood Bank
  • Shop No. 196, Ward No. 8, Thanesar Red Road Blood Bank

Fire Stations in Kurukshetra

Fire fighting Equipment

There are a few fire stations in Kurukshetra equipped with modern fire fighting equipments. They are listed below.

  • Sector 10, Thanesar, Phone - 01744 - 220601
  • Near Municipality, Pehowa, Phone - 01741 - 220101
  • Barada Road, Shahabad, Phone - 01744 - 245201
  • Indri Road, Ladwa, Phone - 01744 - 263101

Disaster Management in Kurukshetra

DisasterDisaster is rare incident and usually does not occur. But when it strikes, it abruptly stops the city or social life might cause huge loss to life and property in the absence of rapid acting disaster management program. Disaster may occur from natural calamities or it can be man made. Also the geographic positioning of a place is sometimes responsible for some kind of  disasters caused from natural calamities.

The Kurukshetra district authorities have a well formulated disaster management program which has enriched itself from previous experiences. The aim of disaster management plan is to prevent or minimize loss of life and property when disaster strikes. Following are the phenomena which can cause disaster.

  • Fire 
  • Flood
  • Drought                                                          
  • Earthquake
  • Epidemic
  • Famine
  • Industrial accident causing disaster
  • Disaster caused from transport accident
  • Intentional disaster created by terrorist activities
  • Any other unforeseen cause creating disaster

The district authorities, as already mentioned, have specific plans against each of the disaster causing phenimenon. The district authorities have set up different committees under the leadership of District Commissioner of Kurukshetra to look after disaster management plans and their application during emergent conditions.

Medical Services in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra has many hospitals, a few of which are equipped with modern state of art general medical care and emergency medical care equipments to fight disaster. Government authorities, disaster management committees and hospital authorities work in tandem during crisis when disaster strikes.

Police in Kurukshetra

During disaster, police and traffic police play vital role and help the people to discipline themselves and get rid of panic. Recently they have opened online services so that citizens can reach them instantly when the need arises.

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