About Kurukshetra

About Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is a city situated at a distance of 160 kms. from Delhi, the capital of India, on the NH-1 highway. The railway station, known as Kurukshetra Junction, is located on Delhi-Ambala railway line. It is an important place in the state of Haryana. Kurukshetra city is the district town of the district Kurukshetra.

Kurukshetra was the city where history of modern India was made. The story of the biggest epic of India, the Mahabharata, was woven around this place. Even it is said that the whole of Bhagbadgita, the most sacred script of the Hindus, was preached by Lord Krishna, a reincarnation of God, during the war of Kurukshetra, when He tried to explain the truth about this universe and the whole of civilization, religion, beliefs etc. when Arjuna of the Pandavas was in dilemma during the war.

History of Kurukshetra

History of Kurukshetra

The history of Kurukshetra is very old. During ancient times King Kuru of the Bharata dynasty founded the capital of his kingdom in the place. Thus this place was named after him. In Puranas, this place was also aptly named as Dharmakshetra. The Hindu Sage Manu also authored his famous book Manusmriti in this place. The Rig Veda and the Soma Veda was complied in this place. Kurukshetra was one of the most important cities of ancient India, and finds an equally important place in modern India which lives with the legacy of its rich history.

Tourism in Kurukshetra

Tourism in Kurukshetra

There are many attractive tourist places in the city of Kurukshetra. People from all over India and abroad regularly visit these tourist places of Kurukshetra which have both religious and historical significance. For the pious people of Hindu religion, a visit to Kurukshetra is a must. Places like Brahma Sarovar, Sannihit Sarovar, Jyotisar, SriKrishna Museum, Kalpana Chawla Planetarium, Dharohar, Bhishma Kund, Sheik Chehli ki Makbara, Shri Durga Devi Mandir, Sthaneshwar Mahadev, Kamal Nabhi, Valmiki Ashram, Birla MandirGurdwara RajGhat Patshahi Dasvin, Gurdwara Teesari  Patshahi,  Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi, Gurdwara Siddhi Bati Patshahi Pahili, Pehowa, a Shakti  Peeth, Saraswati Forest Reserve etc. attract a lot of tourist regularly among other places.

The most famous Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak, stayed in Kurukshetra during his sojourn in Gurudwara  Sidhbati which makes Kurukshetra a must visit for the Sikhs. Also there are many modern infrastructures like shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, food courts etc. equipped with all modern amenities which attract a lot of visitors. Read More, Here.

Hospitals in Kurukshetra

The health sector is also well developed in Kurukshetra. There are many government and private hospitals in this place. Some of these are Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Civil Hospital, Kurukshetra, Cygnus Hospital, Kurukshetra, Swami Anant Charitable Eye Hospital, Sahni Nursing Home (De-addiction center/for drug and alcohol addicts. It is located on the main road /Pipli road, Kurukshetra), Kulwanti eye hospital, Aashirwad Nursing Home, Satya Nursing Home, Kurukshetra Nursing Home, Mahant Prabhat Puri Charitable Hospital, Bhardwaj Children Hospital, Sector 13 Kurukshetra etc.

Administration in Kurukshetra

Administration in Kurukshetra

The local district administrative head is District Commissioner who is an Indian Administrative Service Officer and who manages a flock of other IAS and state Civil Service Officer to run all the administrative works of the Kurukshetra district. All government departmental offices can be found in the city run by the government executive officers.

Finance and Economy in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is also the financial hub of Kurukshetra district. Branches of all nationalized and private banks can be found in the city. Also offices of other financial companies can be found in this city. These companies include stock broking firms, mutual fund companies, and companies dealing in bonds and fixed deposits, commodities and other financial instruments.

The economy of Kurukshetra is mainly agriculture based. Therefore the main industries found here are mostly agriculture based industries. There are also other industries like rice shelling and wheat processing units, milk and other dairy product processing units, sugar mills, paper mills, rice and dal mills, fertilizer industries, chemical factories, food processing units and many other industries.

Sports in Kurukshetra

Sports in Kurukshetra have always played a major role. Kurukshetra have supplied many sports persons in the national scene. Sports complexes, stadia, national coaching camps, sports academies, coaching centers of the Sports authority of India etc. are dotted around the city.

Culture in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra, being a historical city, is also rich in culture and heritage. The early inhabitants of Kurukshetra consisted of Jaat, Saini, Ror Maratha and Khatri who the native language of Haryana, which is Haryanvi. Also Hindi and Punjabi language is also practiced here. The cultural practice in Kurukshetra have always found root in these languages though in ancient times Sanskrit was the main language of the literate persons of this region.

Transport in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra, though has no airport of its own, is well connected with the airports of Chandigarh and Delhi through road. Regular private and public transports connect these two airports with the city. One can also reach Kurukshetra by train. The Kurukshetra station named as Kurukshetra Junction can be found on Delhi-Ambala railway line. The local transport facilities for touring within the city are taxis, private carriers, buses and autos.

Geography of Kurukshetra

The climatic condition of this region is a touch harsh. During the summer the temperature rises to around 480C while during the winter season the mercury comes down to near 00C at night. Also mild to moderate rain can be found during July to August.

Two important rivers flow by Kurukshetra, namely the Saraswati and the Markanda. There are also two important canals. One is the Sutlej Yamuna canal popularly known as the SYL canal. The other one is the Narwana branch of main Bhakra canal which passes through Kurukshetra and is considered as the lifeline of Haryana.

Food in Kurukshetra

The food habit of  Kurukshetra populace consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The dishes are typical north Indian food dishes consisting of Roti/Chapati, Chawl, Dal, Sabji, Dahi, Raita etc. and eggs , chicken, goat meat, mutton etc. But slaughtering, selling and distribution of meat is somewhat restricted in this region due to different religious activities all round the year. Though in the city one can find different food courts to suit ones taste.

Emergency Services in Kurukshetra

Emergency services in Kurukshetra are very much available which cater to the Kurukshetra populace.

Entertainment in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra has its own places of entertainment and evening life. Tourists and localities can pass quality time for relaxation and entertainment in Kurukshetra.

Lifestyle in Kurukshetra

The urban culture of Kurukshetra has its own demand to suit quality lifestyle. There are places where people of Kurukshetra visit to satiate their demand of lifestyle.

Shopping in Kurukshetra

People can go shopping at variety of shopping outlets, malls, departmental stores and small shopping centers for shopping in Kurukshetra.

Services in Kurukshetra

All the necessary and important services are available which cater to the day to day needs of the localites of Kurukshetra and people visiting this place.

Societies and NGOs in Kurukshetra

There are many societies and NGOs in Kurukshetra which rise to the local demands whenever necessary.

Kurukshetra is a holy city with rich history and heritage. The city has also taken a big leap towards modernization. The modernization of the city has made no conflict with the culture and heritage of the city and has maintained the religious sanctity. People from all walks of life flock this holy place all round the year.

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