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Society in Kurukshetra

Today, inequalities are deeply enrooted in our societies. Human and other creatures on earth are immensely affected by these inequalities. And the biggest fact is that creator of these social inequalities in society are also human. Hence, solutions need to stem from society as well.

Different purpose of societies in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is blessed with many semi government and non government societies which are engaged in uplifting lives of the victims of social atrocities. People working for these societies are sensitive in nature and scan deeply impacted areas of societies. They create a huge network of volunteers who take care of their surrounding happenings and react to particular incidents.

Society in Kurukshetra

There are many types of societies in Kurukshetra. These welfare societies are registered under the government rules which make easy for administrative people to identify them and provide support of government machinery to them. Sometimes these societies operate rescue operation also which are risky in nature and also have life threat. Hence, Government help is quite impressive during such special tasks.

Kurukshetra welfare societies are basically divided into five major parts. These are:

Women Welfare Society Kurukshetra

Women seek too much respect but they are credited very less. Today, this section of society is facing problems irrespective of being literate or illiterate. Whether is it is urban or rural society, inequalities are prevailing in every section for women. They are disrespected in home as well as work place, therefore this should be blocked. Women welfare societies in Kurukshetra are working on women strengthening and provide justice to them. They provide legal support, monetary help, vocational training, and moral support. This help is extended up to rehabilitation of women to live new phase of life.

Child Welfare Society in Kurukshetra

Children are worst effected in some of the modern societies. These small citizens in Kurukshetra are victims of poor financial condition or family instability. These kids most of the time, have passed through such a bad phase that spoil their innocence. Child Abuse, child labour, child harassments, child trafficking and other such are major problems are faced by them in society. Therefore to uplift their conditions in society, many child welfare organizations have been set up in Kurukshetra.

Child care societies in Kurukshetra

These Child welfare societies are established in Kurukshetra to provide complete support to deprived kids in this region. They rescue many children from immoral people and support them to live better life. They handover them to their family or they provide complete support for strengthening their future. These child welfare societies provide education, psychiatrist support, legal help, and other such facilities to give them justice and flourish their life.

Old Age Welfare Society in Kurukshetra

Old people are mostly victimized at this stage by their loved ones and they become helpless without any support from relatives. Hence, a dedicated wing is needed to uplift this section of society. There are many old age homes established in the region of Kurukshetra to provide shelter and other essential facilities to these old people. Alongside they are also provided with proper treatment, love, affection, and respect to live life generously.

Environment Welfare Society in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is an emerging industrial area with many agro based and other type of industries flouring there. With rapid industrialization, problems related to industrial waste and their right disposal have become quite challenging for the local administration. Also the city witnesses huge foot fall of devotees and tourists who come for its religious places. These entire factors give rise to environmental problems.

Environmental welfare societies in Kurukhetra

To handle these issues there are some environment welfare societies in Kurukshetra that work in the direction of preserving its environment and pristine spirituality. These societies spread awareness in the local to make environment pollution free. They educate people to use green products which are easily disposable in soil and avoiding plastic use.

Animal Welfare Societies in Kurukshetra

Earth belongs to all living creatures. Hence, animals also have rights to live uninterrupted life in their natural habitat. Kurukshetra is facing tremendous change in geographical condition and people are entering wild life zone. Hence there is a crunch situation for many species of Kurukshetra to save their existence.

Hence, there are many animal welfare societies established here to give proper support to these speechless creatures. They can’t fight against the human activities in forests and reserves. Therefore many social societies are realizing the sensitivity of this issue and working to give a fight for the rights of animals in Kurukshetra.

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