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Industries in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra has immense potential for industrial growth. To tap on these opportunities, many small and cottage industries are established over here. This district is basically known for its fertile soil rich in agriculture. Hence, its industries are also mostly agrarian based. There are considerable numbers of MSMEs in its blocks including Thanesar, Shahabad, and Pehowa.

Industries in Kurukshetra

The apt location of Kurukshetra near NH 1 also gives a boost to its local industries. It is fast picking up the pace as an upcoming industrial town. To promote industries other than agriculture, District Industries Centre of Kurukshetra has developed industrial estates and it is providing complete aid to these industries for their growth in this region. However, agriculture dominates the industrial scene of this district at large.

History of Industrial Development in Kurukshetra

Going by the ancient inscriptions of Bana Bhatt and Yuan Chuang, Kurukshetra had the industrial development blooming here around 7th century AD in the form of textile industry. Though these are just the referential descriptions of then industries, there are no clear facts regarding exact status of industries in Kurukshetra during that era. The region was invaded several times by many foreigners who negatively impacted its industries. But the cottage industries in Kurukshetra survived that phase and they still stand firmly to aid the economy of this place.

During the reign of Jehangir in 1611 AD, there are references about the existence of Salammoniac or Naushadar industries in Kurukshetra. It was manufactured in huge quantity in the villages of Kurukshetra in 1918. Along with this, salt peter is another significant industry in this area during pre independence era. The period of 19th century suggests existence of handicrafts industries in Shahabad block of Kurukshetra.

The decades from 1947 to 1967 saw a major decline in industrial sector of Kurukshetra. In 1967, there was only 1 large scale industry and 58 small scale industries here. After formation of separate Haryana state in 1966, constant efforts were made by state government to increase this number which became 165 in 1975 and 2544 in 2004.

The Main Types of Manufacturing Units in Kurukshetra

  • Rice sheller
  • Cattle Feed
  • Straw Board
  • Handmade PaperTypes of industries in Kurukshetra
  • Solvent Plants
  • Flour Mill
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Ply Board/ Ply Wood
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Corrugated Board/ Boxes
  • PVC Water Tanks
  • Glass Ampoules
  • Batteries and Inverters
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Egg and Apple Trays
  • Desi Ghee
  • Generator Sets
  • Tractor parts
  • Pesticides and Insecticides
  • Fruit Preservation
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Insulation Boards

Medium and Large Scale Industries in Kurukshetra

Currently, there are total 8 large scale industries in Kurukshetra. These industries have fixed investment of approx. Rs. 11272 lacs while they offer employment to 1545 people. They are engaged in manufacturing of products like desi ghee, handmade paper, infant milk powder, sugar, vanaspati ghee etc. These units are:

Haryana Milk Foods Limited:

This public limited company was incepted in 1970 to manufacture milk products including condensed milk, infant milk food, butter, skimmed milk, and desi ghee. It produces these items under its flagship brand ‘Madhu’. With ISI and Agmark certification related to guarantee of quality standards and purity, this industry was laid with initial capacity of 50000 litres of milk per day. This capacity has now increased to more than 3 lakh litres of milk per day. Haryana Milk Foods provide indirect employment to about 1, 20, 000 families from rural areas as they supply milk to this plant.

Milk Products in Kurukshetra

Markanda Vanaspati Oil Mills Limited:

This manufacturing unit was established in 1970 on GT Road. Its primary product is vanaspati ghee while it also produces acid oils, oxygen gas, and spent earth. Its annual production is 25 metric tonnes per day by offering employment to more than 80 people.

M/s Parul Food Specialties Pvt Ltd:

This unit established in 1994 started its production in 1995. It produces milk products like skimmed milk, desi ghee, dairy whitener, condensed milk, infant milk food, etc. With installed capacity of 3 lakh litres of milk per day, it has now increased its production manifold. This unit situated on Pipli Ambala Road has capital investment of Rs. 420.3 lacs and it gives employment to 106 employees.

Markandeshwar Foods and Allied Products Limited:

This unit is also located on Pipli Ambala Road. It was set up in 1998 with installed capacity of 3 lakh litres milk each day. The capital investment of this unit is Rs. 477.43 lakhs and it provides direct employment to 83 employees. This unit also manufactures all milk products and offers indirect employment to more than 60000 rural families that fulfill its milk supplies.

M/s Sainsons Paper Industries Limited:

This unit is situated on Pehowa- Guhla Road at a distance of 8 km from Pehowa. It was incepted in 1994-95 with installed capacity of 24000 metric tonnes every year. It manufactures semi craft paper in this plant having capital investment of Rs. 2296 lakhs. This plant offers employment to 123 employees.

The Shahabad Co-operative Sugar Mills:

Medium Scale Industries in Kurukshetra

This unit was set up in 1976 but commenced production in the year 1985-86. This unit has installed capacity of 1250 TCD and capital investment of Rs. 2752 lakhs.

While main product of this unit is sugar, it produces molasses as by product and provides employment to 869 employees.

M/s KMG Milk Foods Limited:

This unit set up in 1994-95 produces milk products in its plant. With capital investment of Rs. 1021.32 lakhs, this unit manufactures 1100 metric tonnes of desi ghee and provides employment to 45 people.

M/s Jasmer Food (P) Limited:

This unit manufacturing products like rice and rice bran was set up in 2011-12 at village Jandhera. It has capital investment of Rs. 1576 lakhs and production of 3600 tonnes with work force of 64 employees.

M/s Sadasat Corn Products (P) Limited:

Manufacturing corn products, this unit was established in 2012-13. It has capital investment of 760 lakhs and work force of 21 employees at its plant.

Small Scale Industries in Kurukshetra

Since the creation of Kurukshetra as a separate district in the year 1973, small scale industries have witnessed unprecedented growth here. The development of better infrastructural facilities like rural electrification and roads development steered the growth of these industries. Agricultural development of this region led to increased demand of agro based industries. To fulfill this demand, government initiatives were also increased in Kurukshetra. As a result, the number of small scale industries rose tremendously to reach around 2544 units in 2004.

Small scale industries in Kurukshetra

These units manufacture products like rice, rice bran, rice bran oil, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural implements, pharmaceutical goods, TV antenna, steel and wood furniture, paints and varnish, rig machine, cattle feed, wheat flour, glass ampoules, oxygen gas, refined oil, vanaspati ghee, cement tiles, mill board, pumps, etc.

Some of the main categories of small scale industries in Kurukshetra are:

Handmade Paper and Mill Board/ Card Board:

Card Board is made from paddy and wheat straw and both these are easily available at cheap rates in this district. There are more than 15 such units operating in Kurukshetra with capital investment of Rs. 600 lakhs and work force of around 600 employees.

Rice Shelling manufacturing plants:

There is a huge rice shelling unit in Sirsam village of district Kurukshetra. With annual production standing at Rs. 110 lakhs, this unit has around 15 employees working in it.

Agricultural implements and repairs:

These units are extensively found in this district with 190 plants located across Kurukshetra. They manufacture agricultural implements including tractor parts, wheat threshers, animal driven harrows, tractor harrows, and levelers, trolleys, seed drills, potato planters, cage wheels, etc. these units offer employment to more than 526 people and churn out annual turnover of Rs. 1550 lakhs.


This is the traditional industry of Kurukshetra having its existence since pre independence era. Currently, there are more than 10 units engaged in its manufacturing with a work force of around 45 employees.

Agro based industries:Agro Industries in Kurukshetra

Agriculture being in the mainstream of industrial growth of this district, there are many agro based industries in Kurukshetra. It has high yield of paddy and this led to increasing demand of rice processing units here.

Along with being major producer of rice in Haryana, Kurukshetra has about 135 rice shellers to process paddy for producing rice and rice bran. These units offer employment to more than 4000 people and their products are sent to all parts of the country.

Rice bran and de oiled cake are the bye products of these industries. There are many such units that manufacture rice bran oil and de oiled cake. Having capital investment of Rs. 600 lakhs, these units offer employment to more than 180 people.

Cottage and Village Industries in Kurukshetra

There are many cottage and village industries in this district to serve daily needs of rural families. These industries are basically run by the families of artisans who inherited these arts from their ancestors. Carpentry, pottery, black smithy, and weaving are the primary cottage industries in Kurukshetra. These industries currently serve the requirements at local level only though they may flourish with proper facilities like finance, marketing, skill development, etc.

Industrial Estates in Kurukshetra

Industrial areas or estates offer comprehensive infrastructural facilities to industries in form of land, accommodations, electricity, etc. Recognizing the pace of development suspected in Kurukshetra, state government has taken some concrete steps to set up dedicated industrial area here as well. Currently, it has an industrial estate in Sector 2 of Kurukshetra. This area developed by HUDA is located in Thanesar Block. It is divided into 93 plots which comprise of 81 plots in size of 525 sq m and 12 plots in size of 1000 sq m. Around 67 units have already commenced their operations here while rest of the units are under process of development and construction.

State Aid to Industries in Kurukshetra

State government offers aid to local industries through easy and cheap availability of land, finance, electricity, industrial training, etc. For overall development of industries in Kurukshetra, there is a District Industries Center headed by General Manager, DIC.

State aid to industries in kurukshetra

District Industries Centre in Kurukshetra

With an objective to develop rural industries and generate better employment opportunities, this centre was set up in the year 1977-78. It has more than 1984 small scale and 8 medium to large scale industries functioning under its ambit. This centre is entrusted with responsibilities of implementing programs like PMEGP, Entrepreneurial Development Program for youth, Rajiv Gandhi Udami Mitra Yojana Program, and Cluster Development Program. Registration of industrial units under various acts is also done by this institution in Kurukshetra. The district having total employment generation at 17216 persons exports Basmati Rice in large quantities.

District Industries Centre
Near Mini Secretariat
Kurukshetra- 136118
Contact No. - 01744 220386
Email - jddickkr@gmail.com

Udyog Kunj in Kurukshetra

State government set up Udyog Kunj in Ismailabad of Kurukshetra to prevent migration of youth from here and improve the employment conditions. Under this program, they are given aid to set up micro or small scale enterprises in their villages. State provides all necessary help and facilities to these young entrepreneurs.

HSIDC has established this Udyog Kunj in vast area of 35 kannal and 12 marlas with total 34 plots being developed. There are 10 sheds in this area and they are allotted to local entrepreneurs for setting up their units. Out of 34 plots, 9 of them are developed in size of 250 sq m while 25 plots have area of 91 sq m.

Apart from these, there are other agencies as well to assist in setting up and growth of industries in Kurukshetra. These agencies include:

  • Haryana Financial Corporation, Kurukshetra
  • Punjab National Bank Kurukshetra
  • Sales Tax Office Kurukshetra
  • District Statistical Office Kurukshetra
  • District Khadi and Village Industries Board Kurukshetra
  • Dy. Director of Agriculture Kurukshetra
  • NABARD Kurukshetra
  • HVPNL Kurukshetra for Power supply
  • Estate Office HUDA, Kurukshetra for industrial area

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