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Culture of Kurukshetra

Culture of Kurukshetra

The culture of Kurukshetra is very unique. It stems directly from the very root of Hindu philosophy which was later enriched by the inputs from the pious people and leaders of different other religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, Muslim etc. of ancient India.

As we find from history, right from the beginning of Indian Civilsation the Kurukshetra area was under the influence of the pre-Harappans and Harappans. Later when the Aryans invaded, Kurukshetra was again in the hot seat as we find from the tales of the epic Mahabharata. During those days, as we call the Vedic age the language was Sanskrit. Later, when the Buddhists came, Kurukshetra came under the influence of Buddhist culture and Pali language.

With the passage of time, India experienced numerous invasions from Hun, Shak, Pathan, Mogul, Greek and many others. None of those by passed Kurukshetra, meaning almost all of them camped temporarily in or near Kurukshetra and left their foot print in the cultural heart of Kurukshetra. Every ancient man made or natural structure in and around Kurukshetra will tell the tales of those great historical characters who came here, fought, stayed, reigned and even looted this country. Kurukshetra is a mirror of great part of Indian Civilisation.

Rich heritage, geographical location, strategic political location, influence of different culture and religion has made Kurukshetra posses it own cultural trait which is very unique to say the least. The modern day Kurukshetra has retained all its age old moral values while looking forward. Though a little orthodox the culture finds reflection in its rich folklore. The folk dance and folk music of this area reflects the strong tradition of India.

Languages Spoken in Kurukshetra

The local language is a dialect of Hindi which is popularly known as Jatu or Bangaru or Haryanvi. Though a little crude, this language is very straightforward and contain strong humorous trait. In addition the modern day people of Kurukshetra speak Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English. Sanskrit language is also nurtured and practiced in some pockets.

Traditions in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra has a little inclination towards orthodox values and family values. The local village people maintain a strong social bondage with each other through 'Khap' system. This system is usually run by village heads. They always keep vigilance that whether strong moral discipline is being maintained in the society or not. If any irregularities are found they try to solve through 'Khap' by giving specific ruling to miscreants and work independent of judiciary. Though such rulings are not accepted in all quarters and invite lots of criticism, it still functions and leave strong influence in daily and social life.

Dances in Kurukshetra

Dances of Kurukshetra

As they say, Dance is the mother of all art forms. Different forms of dance are practised in Kurukshetra in many famous institutes. These include traditional and modern schooling of different dance forms. Folk dance is also a very popular form of dance practised here. Different dance shows and competitions are held round the year to boost the artists and students.

Music in Kurukshetra

Folk music finds a great place of importance in the cultural arena of Kurukshetra. There are, as in dance, lots of important institutions which give proper schooling on different vocal and instrumental music. Whatever modern form is practised, traditional music acquire great space in musical world of Kurukshetra.

Handicrafts in Kurukshetra

Handicraft shows the culture of the common people. Unlike fine arts, the handicraft is work of village artisans, who, though not educated, have been creating timeless pieces of art since time immortal without proper schooling in arts. The handicraft industry of Kurukshetra shows such great depth of cultural impact through pottery, weaving, embroidery and hand looms.


Pottery has always been an important part of village life. Fine artisans or potters leave their mark of excellence in creating different earthenware. Right from the pre-Harappan/ Harappan era, the archeological excavation in different sites in Kurukshetra region has produced different broken artifacts bearing the mark of those historic eras. The tradition still continues. The modern day Kurukshetra has given us some finest potters who excel in their field and produce great work of skillful art.

Weaving, Embroidery and Handlooms

Phulkari in Kurukshetra

Entire Haryana along with Kurukshetra is famous for its weaving and embroidery work. Skillful stitching work on shawls, robes and durries were very famous from old age. But their finest form of embroidery handiwork is expressed through 'Phulkari' work. Phulkari is characterised by fine stitch-work combined with bright colours which are usually found in hand woven winter garments for ladies. There is another form known as 'Bagh' where entire garment is embroidered with complicated and colourful patterns. The 'Phulkari' work is usually done by the women of a family.

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